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Leaf Eater Diet 5lbs

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Leaf Eater Diet 5lbs
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This product is an extruded food for use in the feeding of leaf eating primates, such as colobus, langurs, and howlers as well as tree kangaroos, red pandas, and other animals with higher fiber requirements. This product is formulated for breeding, growth, raising young, and other stressful periods of the life cycle, as well as for maintenance. The product is also a good high fiber diet for older primates, and is suitable for gorillas and orangutans. It does not contain gliadin (wheat gluten) and may be helpful in feeding primates with a sensitivity to this protein. This product contains carefully controlled amounts of iron and iodine.Features and Benefits Highly Palatable, readily consumed Protein formulated for all Old World species Stabilized vitamin C added to prevent scurvy Supplies vitamin D needs of all Old World primates.

Product Forms Available Standard Biscuit, 16 mm x 22 mm x 44 mm length (5/8"x7/8"x1 3/4")

G U A R A N T E E D A N A L Y S I S:

 Crude protein not less than 15.0%

Crude fat not less than 5.0%

Crude fiber not more than 6.0%

Ash not more than 5.0%

Added minerals not more than 3.0%
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